Matt Roy Reflects on “The Bad in the Good Old Days” on New Single, “Marlboro Man”

Rooted in a thick coat of cigarette smoke and whiskey born nostalgia, Matt Roy’s new single, Marlboro Man is a tale reminiscent of the circle of life. Marlboro Man retells the story of a seemingly reformed cowboy, who still aches for the good old days, filled with whiskey, smoke, and a hearty serving of regret, all whilst stubbornly acknowledging that those days are best left as memories. Marlboro Man reflects change both on a personal and societal level, and Roy artfully crafts lyrics that are engaging and unique, bringing his unique left-of-center artistry to the forefront. Marlboro Man is edgy and emotional keeping listeners hooked with every lyric.

Marlboro Man, already a hit on Tiktok, has an anthemic feel as Roy’s rock influenced vocal builds throughout the verses and chorus. Featuring top of the line storytelling, Marlboro Man has the makings of a breakout hit for Roy, already a hit songwriter, wading his way through the world of artistry. Fresh off his debut EP, Wildflower, Roy continues to bring his distinctive brand of country music with Marlboro Man, a true songwriting masterclass.

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