Lauren Weintraub Shows off Lyrical, Vocal Prowess on Debut EP, “This Is Your Brain On Love”

Stylistically unique and fully captivating, Lauren Weintraub’s debut EP, This Is Your Brain On Love, is a truly remarkable project that shows off the best of one of the industry’s rapidly rising stars. Not bogged down by an adherence to traditional genre lines, Weintraub delivers a project rooted in unmistakable honesty and authenticity. Weintraub’s cunning, sharp as a tack, songwriting ability takes center stage throughout each of the project’s six tracks, and once you factor in her stop you in your tracks vocal ability you see why Weintraub is seemingly destined for stardom.

The project kicks off with Boston, a homey feeling track with a hearty side of unadulterated heartbreak. Weintraub sings about memories not made, as her ex wouldn’t let Weintraub take him home to Boston to show him the full picture of where she comes from. Ex Appeal can only be described as an ANTHEM, as Weintraub talks herself out of her ex’s sweet talking advances and groveling “I’ve changed” manifesto, instead finding the courage to resist his Ex Appeal and leave the past where it belongs. Missing You continues the theme of staving off resisting the urge of running back to an ex, as Weintraub soberly learns that Missing You must ultimately only mean Missing You if she has any hopes of moving on once and for all.

Over Her Over Here is anthem jam for the punk-rocker hidden in all of us. Weintraub once again speaks up for herself and slams the door on the advance’s of her recently heartbroken ex, looking to angle his way back into her life only to use her and leave her once again. Weintraub informs her ex that whiskey is the suitable remedy, not knocking on her door. Before We Knew Too Much is a nostalgic track about the beauty and bliss of the honeymoon stage and young love, with all the trappings of a love that simply feels endless and all encompassing. Weintraub shows off a more tender side and connects with listeners through this all too relatable concept of pure, young love before the oxidation of the real world abruptly burst the bubble.

Not Like I’m In Love With You closes the project with yet another pure anthem, as this time Weintraub finds herself catching feelings for a friend, and despite her best efforts doesn’t know how to play it cool around him. Weintraub tries downplaying her feelings, hoping this new found crush will simply evaporate, however when it doesn’t Weintraub is caught in an hilarious pickle, trying to navigate all of her feelings.

This Is Your Brain On Love is a true encapsulation of a well rounded and authentic project. Weintraub tells stories that are both personal and relatable, and her delivery of these stories is simply next level. Weintraub once again proves that she is the complete package and just why the hype train surrounding her will not be slowing down any time soon.

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