Jillian Steele Embraces Artistic Confidence On New Single “Get Me Off (Your Mind)”

Music has never not been a thing for Jillian Steele. From getting her first guitar to her friend’s mom introducing her to the ingenious nature of Kacey Musgraves’ musical stylings, the Long Island native was destined for a bright future within the world of music. Steele’s journey brought her to Nashville’s Belmont University where she continued to hone in on her craft and carve out a unique space within the music community. While Steele initially had designs of music back to New York following college, to pursue her dream back home, Steele couldn’t see herself making music anywhere but Nashville as she had made so many great friends and collaborators all of whom she couldn’t picture living without.

Molding influences from Sheryl Crowe to Kacey Musgraves and beyond, Steele has become a true genre trailblazer as she continues to make music that cannot be mistaken for anybody else. Steele’s music exudes a confident vibe, a message Steele has learned to embrace and spread. Steele has made it her mission to embrace who she is both as an artist and writer, leading her to pen and deliver honest, yet bobpy songs.

Steele’s new single, Get Me Off, is the ultimate example of what Steele brings to the table that separates her from so many out there. Throughout this steamy track, Steele relishes in an all consuming love and lets world know just how pleased she is to have someone who can’t get her off of his mind. Steele uses conversational lyrics to connect with listeners throughout this earworm of a track.

Steele plans to release more new music throughout the year and is excited for fans to hear what she has in store!!

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