Bri Fletcher Talks New Single, Anti-Bullying Advocacy

Growing up our brains are oftentimes filled with wild, seemingly unrealistic dreams. Fletcher’s brand new single, Astronaut, is based squarely around concept and provides and fresh and optimistic take on hunting down these seemingly one in a million dreams. Fletcher tells WoC that the concept for the new single came from “watching home videos that my mom sent me” and those videos pulled her “back into the simpler times many of us had during childhood”.

For Fletcher, music has always been both a dream and an outlet to nurse her through some of life’s most difficult moments. Fletcher tells WoC that she knew music was what she wanted to pursue all the way back when she was five, but didn’t tell people until she was 15. From her first visit to Nashville, Fletcher knew that the Music City as where she belonged, citing a “comfortability almost instantly” upon arriving in Nashville.

Making relatable music on it’s own is one way of giving back, but Fletcher has taken the concept of giving back to the next level. Fletcher, tells WoC that she “experienced bullying all the way from elementary school through high school” and while those time were tough Fletcher found music as a way to get her through those times. Following high school, Fletcher embarked on a mission to do whatever she can to help curb school bullying, launching the organization, Debully, which goes around to schools and puts on “high energy” anti-bullying assemblies. Fletcher credits her father for helping her find the courage to her pain into power, and Fletcher has “been blown away by how much this campaign has resonated”.

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