Teen Sensation Georgia Webster Talks New Music and Sony Music Record Deal

Songs about U.S president Ulysess S Grant are few and far between, but for up and coming country star Georgia Webster pening a song about Grant was the start of something special. Webster, then in fourth grade, wrote her first song as part of a president’s project and she hasn’t stopped writing ever since. Webster recalls the song saying “I had been teaching myself how to play guitar for years and this was really the first chance I had to show what I can do”. Webster, then stricken with the inescapable musical bug, went on to perform Carrie Underwood’s hit “Something In The Water” at her sixth grade talent show, by which point Webster knew music was all that she ever wanted to do in life.

Fast forward a few years and Webster, now 18, is one of the industry’s brightest soon to be superstars. Webster, now signed to Sony Nashville is set to release her debut EP this summer. When discussing the EP, Webster speaks to the “heightened emotion” and ‘drama’ involved in teenage relationships as a theme that is present throughout the upcoming project.

Unlike, most projects these days where you typically see tons of names in the writing credits, on the EP you will only see one and that name is Georgia Webster. Webster takes pride in the fact that she was able to write these songs by herself and now has the ability to share her complete and unfiltered truth. For Webster, the most meaningful song on the project is the title track. Written about Webster’s current relationship the song focuses on the tough decision they had to make about whether they should stay together after high school or if the distance between them would make it too difficult. Webster notes that this was a “last minute” edition to the EP and is written about her “moving to Nashville while he was moving to Montana”

Webster’s latest single. “Push and Pull” has already racked up north of 1 million streams on Spotify, building palpable anticipation from fans  for the upcoming project. 

When you listen to Webster’s music you can tell she’s an artist influenced by artists from all around the genre spectrum. Webster counts everyone from Chelsea Cutler to Kacey Musgraves as big influences that have helped Webster find her voice at such a young age. While she may have a wide variety of influences, Webster is ready to burst onto the scene by simply being unapologetically herself and showcasing her unique talent to fans anxiously  waiting to hear just what Webster has to say.

You can stream Webster’s latest single, “Push and Pull” wherever you listen to music!

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