Weekend Roundup January 17th

The Weekend Roundup is back after another week of incredible releases, from both major label certified stars and up and coming artists looking to forge a path in the industy!

Let’s get to it!

The Ride, Hailey Whitters feat. Jordan Davis (Ben West, Hailey Whitters, Hillary Lindsey)- Hailey Whitters has done it again! “The Ride” is a beautifully delivered message to those among us that feel down on our luck, and Whitters’ comparison of broke down people to a broken down car along with the accompanying imagry is pure gold!

How High, Kip Moore (Bob Terry, Kip Moore, Luke Dick. Westin Davis)- It remains a mystery to me how Kip Moore can produce an excellent and equally unique product, yet he remains one of the industry’s most underappreciated stars. On “How High” Moore professes his love by telling this girl the different kinds of ‘high’ he experiences when they are together. “How High” has the rocking energy and gravely voice that make Kip Moore such a delight to listen to.

The Pink Slip (EP), Devin Dawson– Featuring progressive production, The Pink Slip is a very different project than Devin’s debut album. On The Pink Slip, Devin Dawson has a happy man and the storytelling throughout the EP beautifully explains his happiness. My favorite songs on this project are the witty “Range Rover”, the touching and mature “Whatever Forever Is”, and the pure, wholesome “He Loved Her”

Minimum Wage, Blake Shelton (Corey Crowder, Jesse Frasure, Nicolle Galyon)- Backed a beat that sounds like a sitcom intro, “Minimum Wage” is another in the line of simple, yet beautiful songs that have come lately from Shelton. The concept of ‘rich on love’ while often used is beautifully expressed in this song.

Life Rolls On, Florida Georgia Line (Emily Weisband, Alysa Vanderheym, Ben Burgess) A beautiful song about the simple factt hat “Life Rolls On” no matter what we may do to try to stop that from happening. “Life Rolls On” may be go down as one of my favorite FGL songs because the message is on point, the writing is excellent and the instrumentation throughout is simply stunning. “Life Rolls On” is also the title track of FGL’s new album coming next month.

You and Me, Nick Wayne (Andrew Pruis, Nick Wayne)- As Ron Burgundy put it best “a glass case of emotion” is the only possible way to explain my emotional state while listening to this stunning song. On “You and Me” Wayne professes his love for his soon to be wife Hannah, over the pure sound of a piano and nothing else. Wayne’s voice sounds incredible on this incredibly tender track.

Let You Go, Noah West (Morgan Johnston, Noah West, Priscilla Block)- A truly heartbreaking track, “Let You Go” tells the tale of man who let his girlfriend go, but while he technically let her leave in his mind he never truly “let her go”. The man is holding on to this relationship and the heartache is wrecking him; as he’s begging for this girl to come back into his life even it means that his heart ends up even more shattered than it currently is.

Breakups, Seaforth (Liz Rose, Cameron Bedell, Mitchell Thompson, Tom Jordan) Sticking with the heartbreaking theme of the previous song, “Breakups” tells a often told tale in a fresh way with excruciating detail that all listeners can relate to. “Breakups” is the story of a man who just wants to talk to his ex and working things out before he finally admits that “breakups don’t work like that”

Before You Leave, Parker Gaye (Marcus Ramsay, Parker Gaye)- As Parker told me last week “Before You Leave” is a ‘bop’ that “breaks my heart in so many ways”. The song tells the story of a girl pleading with her boyfriend to be open and honest with her before he walks out the door and the sun sets on their relationship. Be sure to read our full interview with Parker about the song and so much more!


Small Towners, Cort Carpenter (Jaren Johnston, Mathew Sherman, Neil Mason)- “Small Towners” is a tribute to the small town, country lifestyle that has shaped so many of Nashville’s biggest artist. Throughout the song Carpenter vividly details the parts of this lifestyle that in his mind should be celebrated loudly. What I enjoy most about this song is that it is a tribute to the people in these towns and their lifestyle more than to the towns themselves.

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