Sophia Salcido is Over Feeling “Lonely With You”

The feeling of loneliness is one of the world’s most dreaded and painful feelings, but the feeling of loneliness while in a relationship or in a crowd only compounds the downtrodden emotion. Sophia Salcido expertly explores the concept of loneliness within a seemingly loving relationship on her new single, Lonely With You. Showcasing her otherworldly vocal talent, Salcido lets listeners in on all the ways her boyfriend has let her down, leading her to feel lonely even when with him. Salcido simply cannot keep on living this way, and chooses to reclaim her power, opting for the solitude of being alone, for the loneliness of a relationship leaving her less than satisfied. Lonely With You is an cleverly penned song, with each lyric serving it’s purpose, adding layers to the emotional complexity and vulnerability of Salcido’s stunning new track.

Salcido, a teenage Utah native, once again shows off a talent and maturity well beyond her years. With lyrics that resonate with a large segment of the population, Salcido’s authenticity and relatability are stellar traits that accompany a voice sure to stop listeners in their tracks. Salcido’s artistry combines her youthful energy with the knowledge of an old soul, creating a combo that is incredibly rare and extremally intriguing. With more new music on the way, Salcido is an artist rapidly making a name for herself throughout Nashville and beyond.

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