Bella Hudson Sends Her Ex “Goodwill Hunting”

Flush with more than subtle notes of savagery, Bella Hudson’s new single, Goodwill Hunting, is a track filled with attitude and righteous indignation, leading to a product that is incredibly compelling and down right hilarious. Hudson shines bright throughout her new single filled with smart and cunning overtones, sure to make any guy think twice before crossing her. Goodwill Hunting is a tremendously funny play on words as Hudson informs her ex that his stuff is gone, but if he really wants it all back he can have fun Goodwill Hunting, and Hudson even wishes him “good luck” on his journey of local Goodwills and beyond. Goodwill Hunting‘s infectious hook and Hudson’s incredible delivery combine to craft a savage and sardonic anthem.

Goodwill Hunting picks up where Hudson’s last single, Your Mom, left off, as Hudson once again proves that she is willing to push the envelope artistically and add her own unique, and often deadly honest, spin on things. Hudson’s artistic authenticity shines through each of her three singles to date, making her such an intriguing artist to watch going forward!

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