Ashley Walls Learns It’s Okay to “Outgrow Love”

Growing up ain’t always easy, both physically and in many cases even more so emotionally. Centered around a conversation between her and her mother, Ashely Walls’ new single, Outgrow Love, focuses in on the idea that it is okay to grow up, even if the kind of love that once suited you no longer does the trick. Walls likens this process of maturation to outgrowing blue jeans as a child only this case Walls is faced with the the conflict of whether outgrowing love is okay.

Walls’ internal conflict is compelling and resonates deeply with listeners struggling to break the last remaining shackles tying them to a past they’ve already outgrown. The understated production and Walls’ tender and sincere delivery combine to produce a captivating and enlightening track, one that leaves listeners looking inwards often throughout each of the song’s deeply relatable lyrics. Outgrow Love is the perfect illumination of the often unspoken heartbreak that often accompanies growing up, and Walls’ delivery is filled with an heartbreaking honesty, helping foster a deep connection with listeners.

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