6-Pack of Songs (November 2nd)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we count down and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Always Known, Pierre Alexander- Love at first sight is a truly magical thing, this kind of love lasting is even more magical. Pierre Alexander recalls how he’s Always Known that he and his fiancé are so much more than a flashing in the pan, and have a collective “forever to go”, from the moment he met her. Alexander’s vocals are top notch throughout the stunningly beautiful single sure to resonate with hopeless romantics and starry-eyed lovebirds everywhere.

5: Velvet, Gray Robinson- This uber-confident love song is truly a fascinating listen from start to finish. Robinson departs from her usual sonic beauty and creates something that this just as marvelous on the pop infused Velvet. Robinson’s honied vocals and lyrical depth stand out as always making Velvet one of the week’s top releases.

4: Trust Fund Cowboy, Leah Marie Mason- Shots have been fired as Leah Marie Mason calls out all of the world’s wannabe cowboys on her tremendous new single. The lyrics are fun with more than a hint of righteous indignation as Mason does not hold back in her critique of the rich kids masquerading as cowboys in their feeble attempts to earn street cred. Mason’s vocal is full of confidence adding to the track’s already incredibly sincere nature.

3: Backroad Therapy, Alexandra Kay- The sheer vocal prowess of Alexandra Kay is simply astounding and it’s on full display throughout her brand new single, Backroad Therapy. Kay longs for a backroad slowdown and a place to find herself amidst the world’s incessant noise. Kay’s need for a little Backroad Therapy is highly relatable to all those in need of some time to find themselves, and Kay’s use of imagery adds a layer of specificity to this well crafted track.

2: Country Boy’s Dream Girl, Ella Langley- Fully embracing her every-girl persona, Ella Langley shines bright on her new single, Country Boy’s Dream Girl. Langley clearly outlines that she’s unwilling to put on an act in order to woo a man, instead knowing that the type of man she is looking for will quickly and unthinkingly embrace her for who she is, a Country Boy’s Dream Girl. Langley drawl filled vocals are top notch as always as she continues to make her mark as one of the industry’s next big stars.

1: Blame It On Being Young, Russell Dickerson- Dripping with a healthy dose of nostalgia, Russell Dickerson’s new single, Blame It On Being Young, is one of his finest to date. Dickerson reminisces on the good old days and the dumb things he and his friends used to do under the excuse of being young. Dickerson recalls the past with incredible detail, crafting a clear canvas for listeners to add their own experiences to. Blame It On Being Young May just be Dickerson’s best and deepest release so far.

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