Six Pack of Songs (August 2nd)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we count down and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Before You, David J- A beautifully penned love song, Before You is bound to be heard at many weddings in the near future. On the track, David J reflects on all of the mistakes and misdoings of his past, and how the love he’s found has made him a changed man. J’s vocal carries the weighty lyrics incredibly well on this gorgeous new song.

5: Blue, Ingrid Andress- Ingrid Andress continues her run of incredibly written songs with Blue. Anderss embraces her natural genre bending tendencies throughout a song about the bliss of love and the sheer Blue of heartbreak. Andress uses imagery to artfully depict her fear of heartbreak, and stay in the bliss of honeymoon love.

4: Gold, Dierks Bentley- Sticking with the theme of color titles, Dierks Bentley’s Gold reflects on the simplicity of love done right. Shying away from materialism, Bentley knows that his love is Gold regardless of what is going on around him. Gold is the perfect song for a drive to a long, empty road, as Bentley as always, is big on imagery throughout the song.

3: Big City Small Town, Matt Gorman- Embracing the concrete cowboy mantra, Matt Gorman shines light on his big city upbringing on his new single, Big City Small Town. Gorman spends the track artfully explaining that while he seemingly does not have the country cred of the small town raised, in reality his big city upbringing hardly differed from the traditions small town upbringing of those around him. Gorman’s raspy vocal hooks listeners from the opening note to the final lyric, as Gorman lets listeners know where he’s from.

2: I Don’t Deserve You, Brenna Bone- Tired of feeling unequal in her relationship, Brenna Bone takes back her power on her new rocking single, I Don’t Deserve You. From the empowering lyrics, to Bone’s unapologetic high energy style, I Don’t Deserve You is truly an irresistible listen, bound to relate to many. Bone’s authenticity shines through on I Don’t Deserve You allowing listeners to feel seen and heard throughout the up-tempo track.

1: Enough, Emily Brooke- Lost in the wonder of a summer love that seemingly won’t end, Emily Brooke shines bright on Enough. Brooke’s honeyed vocals are on full display throughout the brilliantly penned track about the beauty of simplicity. Brooke wants to live every moment to the fullest and avoid the potentially harsh reality that awaits back in the “real world.”

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