Kaylee Rose Bends Genres on Summery EP, ‘Hot Minute’

Filled with a distinct summery vibe, Kaylee Rose continues to carve out her own unique lane within the country world with her brand new EP, Hot Minute. From the honest songwriting to the production that lets Rose’s vocals shine, Hot Minute is an incredibly enjoyable listen. Rose masterfully pushes the boundaries of Country, and the concept of genre in general, with her progressive Pop/RnB influenced phrasing, which works so well on this project, and helps her stand out from the crowd. Rose’s willingness to chart her own musical path lends authenticity to a project that feels beautifully unlike anything before it.

The title track kicks off the project on a reflective and nostalgic note as Rose looks back on a former summer romance and the good times they shared together, as opposed to the heartbreak that followed. Ain’t Nothing Wrong shows off Rose’s penchant for a little bit of recklessness in the name of feeling good. Rose doesn’t want to waste life away sitting around, and instead is set to take action to live her life to the fullest without fear or regret.

Flat Tire is a fun take on a love song, as Rose is looking for any excuse to spend some extra time in the car with her boo, even if it were to require getting a Flat Tire. The writing on Flat Tire is some of the best on the project, and Rose’s desire to live in the moment resonates deeply with listeners. My Kinda Fishin’ closes the project on a fun and rowdy note, as Rose an admitted fishing novice, can’t wait to spend time out on the water with her man and drinking the day away. Lyrically My Kinda Fishin’ is simply brilliant and Rose’s delivery, dripping with confidence is top notch.

Hot Minute is a project that takes listeners on an emotional journey from introspective to care free living as Rose delivers on of the summer’s top projects.

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