Julia Cole Shows Off Artistic Range on New Ep, ‘Whole Nother Margarita’

With stop you in your tracks vocal and a penchant for penning personal yet deeply relatable songs, Julia Cole’s unreal talent flies off the page when listening to her brand new EP, Whole ‘Nother Margarita. Cole connects with listeners through lyrics that are both fun and heartfelt, creating a project that feels well rounded, and even better executed.

The project kicks off with the title track, which shows off Cole’s affinity for smart songwriting. Set in a bar, Cole feels herself falling in love, and knows that it’ll take a Whole ‘Nother Margarita for her to move past her trepidations and open up about her forever daydreaming. Cole’s honey soaked vocals are marvelous and pulls listeners into the rest of the project.

Growing Up (Are You Happy) has the most personal feel of any song on the project. Cole remarks on the trails and growing pains associated with growing up in a world where a true happiness is seemingly becoming a rare commodity. Cole’s vulnerability relays the all too relatable message to listeners busy asking the same questions about their life’s’ direction.

Rather Be Crazy is a song about giving into vices and urges in lieu of suffering in loneliness. While Cole knows that running back to her ex will only cause her an immense amount of pain, the craziness of that idea is outweighed by her overwhelming fear of spending the nigh alone. Cole simply wants to feel something, anything, is even willing to go to these lengths in order to not be alone.

Phoenix picks up right where Rather Be Crazy left off, with Cole fighting like crazy to resist her urge to run back to her ex that left her broken. Only this time, Cole’s job is made easier by the fact that he is thousands miles away but still she just can’t help but reminisce. Phoenix shows Cole as her most relatable self, remarking on some of the messier parts of breaking up and moving on. Cole’s honesty connects with listeners on a personal level, allowing them to attach their own stories, because after all we all have a Phoenix.

Thank God We Broke Up closes the project out on a rambunctious note, with Cole fully fed up and over her ever toxic ex. No longer tied down by lingering feelings, Cole feels free and empowered to tell listeners exactly how she feels. Cole feels that she has been able to find herself without him and the anthemic vibe of Thank God We Broke Up is her way of letting loose and leaving listeners with a song fit to be turned all the way up and screamed at the top of your lungs. The sass and angst of Thank God We Broke Up is the biggest standout on the project, and shows off a new and unchained side of Cole that lifts the project as a whole.

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