6-Pack of Songs (July 18th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Rain All Summer, James Barker Band- Sometimes you don’t need the sun for a hot summer, James Barker Band makes that abundantly clear on their new single, Rain All Summer. Basking in the thrill of young love the male protagonist does not care if he has to spend his whole summer indoors with his new found love, and away from the sun and the beach often synonymous with the season. The honeymoon like love paints a sweet and convincing picture and allows the message of the song to be delivered.

5: Girl in Love, Adam Doleac- With a true John Mayer meets The Fray vibe, Girl in Love may just be Doleac’s finest release to date. Doleac spends the verses and chorus explaining all of the untapped beauty of a Girl in Love and willing to show that love off in any way possible. Doleac’s vocal is gravely and masterful allowing listeners to feel the weight of emotion in the lyrics.

4: Vintage, Karissa Ella- Stooped in a timeless nostalgia, Karissa Ella longs for simpler times and the beauty found in what life used to be like. Lyrically, Vintage reminds in a way of Jessica Andrews’ Who I Am, and Ella’s charismatic vocal lifts Vintage to the next level. Vintage is both lyrically and sonically superb and stands out as one of the best singles released this week.

3: On A Different Night, Josh Ross- While Josh Ross went to the bar in hopes of getting over his ex, his hopes were quickly spoiled when his memories of her came flooding back to the front of his mind. Ross, now stuck with the lingering memories choses to allow them linger for the night, in hopes of finding his moving On A Different Night. The song’s concept is clever and Ross delivers the all too relatable lyric with conviction and authority.

2: LOVE IS A COWBOY, Kelsea Ballerini- Love does have a cowboy like quality to it, and Kelsea Ballerini explores this comparison exquisitely on her brand new single. Balerini’s storytelling roots shine throughout this expose on the roots of love, and why it constantly keeps us wanting more, even if it’s hurt us before. Ballerini delivers the lyrics in a subdued and authentic manner, allowing the weight of the lyrics to hit listeners where it must.

1: Vegas, Erin Kinsey- Erin Kinsey just can’t wait anymore to get married! While she always thought she’d take the route of a long engagement, something spontaneous and fun is hitting Kinsey throughout her new single, Vegas. Kinsey is so deep in love that she would get married right now any way possible, even if it’s by some Elvis impersonator out in Vegas. Kinsey shines vocally and lyrically throughout this fun and upbeat love song.

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