6-Pack of Songs (July 11th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Brown Eyes Baby, Keith Urban- What feels like a long delayed sequel to Blue Ain’t Your Color, on Brown Eyes Baby Keith Urban is once again trying to remove the blue and gloom from the brown eyes of a girl sitting at the bar. Brown Eyes Baby takes on more of a rock influenced feel, as opposed to the slower Blue Ain’t Your Color. Brown Eyes Baby has all the makings of Urban’s next hit.

5: Break A Broken Heart, SaraLisa- You can’t Break A Broken Heart so why even try? Once the damage is done, no matter what happens after, the hardest part is through. SaraLisa recognizes this and learns to not care how fast her ex is moving on, while she’s left holding her broken heart, because at the end of the day you can’t break what’s already broken. Break A Broken Heart takes on an up-tempo tone despite the sad nature of the lyrics, SaraLisa finds something magical and uplifting amidst the heartbreak which helps spearhead her moving on.

4: We Were Cowboys, Kameron Marlowe- Remising on a care-free past, Kameron Marlowe recalls the days when life was just there for living on We Were Cowboys. Marlowe’s gravely voice takes center stage and drives home the theme of lost youth throughout the tremendously penned track. We Were Cowboys is the title track off Marlowe’s debut album due out August 26th.

3: Me On You, Muscadine Bloodline- You’d be hard-pressed to find a country song that rocks quite as hard as Me On You. From the opening note to the final syllable, Me On You is pure bliss for the inner adrenaline junkie in all of us. Muscadine Bloodline once again show off their ability to make music that is fresh, unique, and different, with this standout new track..

2: Summertime Blues, Zach Bryan- Zach Bryan understood the sadboi summer assignment with his brand new, uber contemplative new single, Summertime Blues. The nature sounds packed throughout the track add an incredible earthy dynamic to the true gut punch that is Bryan’s lyrics. Bryan basks in the sadness as others bask in the sunshine and delivers a message to ever summertime sadboi out there.

1: Heartbreak In Boots, Temecula Road- A truly stunning song, Heartbreak In Boots is not just our favorite new song from this week but has the potential to be our song of the year. Heartbreak In Boots reflects on the dawn of a love that is bound to fail, and how oftentimes even though we can see the end before the start, we can’t help but fall into a Heartbreak In Boots. The melodic beauty and lyrical complexity displayed on Heartbreak In Boots makes it primed to be a breakout hit for Temecula Road.

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