Ashley Walls Enjoys a ‘Warm Beer’

During the early days of her Marietta, Georgia upbringing, “boujee redneck” Ashley Walls discovered a deep love and appreciation for all that music had to offer. Walls recalls ‘begging’ her parents to let her visit her grandfather and watch him play “pedal steel and slide guitar.” Enamored by her grandfather’s talent Walls couldn’t help but wonder what a life in music might be like.

During Walls’ time at the University of Georgia, the music bug wouldn’t let her go, and after some prodding and pushing from her father the “concrete cowgirl” made her up to Nashville to try to make the dream so much more than that. Featuring a vibrant and vibby pop-country sound, Walls is an artist unafraid to push boundaries in search of a sound that is fresh and true. Citing Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey as two of her main musical influences, Walls’ music merges the best of both worlds, putting together city and country in a blend that has something for everyone.

Walls’ new single Warm Beer, a collaboration with Gary Wayne, is a great encapsulation of Walls’ musical ethos and style. Bringing together classic country writing and tropes with a more progressive production allows to get lost in the fun nature of this wonderfully penned love song. Warm Beer is hooky and fun and the voices of Walls and Wayne play nicely off one another.

Up next, Walls is panning on releasing more music throughout the rest of the year, and is “extremally excited” to participate in the Gulf Coast Jam Contest later this week in Florida.

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