6-Pack of Songs (May 16th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Wait Up For Me, Brett Eldredge- A truly stunning love song, combined with Eldredge’s truly stunning and longing voice is an incredible combo. On Wait Up For Me Eldredge pleads with his girlfriend to stay up and wait for him to go home, as opposed to going to sleep. In need of her love Eldredge’s vocal is both strong and tender as he begs for affection when coming back off the road.

5: Fill ‘Er Up, Jon Pardi- Bring on the summer vibes!! A perfectly simple song about the need to cut loose and escape from the demands of everyday life, Fill ‘Er Up is fun and leaves listeners with the urge to grab a beer and let their worries slip away. Pardi delivers the track wonderfully and leaves listeners longing for a night out with their ‘rowdy friends.’

4: 8 Months, Taylor Edwards- The fog of romance has finally lifted, and Taylor Edwards now clearly sees that the love she mistook as good was actually rotten from the start. At the end of the 8 month fling, Edwards is left with “a heartbreak, a headache, and a hangover”’ but most importantly the relief that she managed to see the light after only 8 Months. Edwards’ vocal masterfully matches the playful and poppy, sass filled track, and creates an absolutely addictive earworm of a song.

3: You Proof, Morgan Wallen- Unable to escape the memory of his ex, Wallen turns to any kind of alcohol he can find, the only issue is that none of them seem to be doing the trick. No matter how much he drinks or what different combinations he tries, Wallen is stuck searching for something You Proof that’ll get his ex off of his mind once and for all. Wallen’s vocal is fiery and strong as he belts his feelings of annoyance throughout the incredibly hooky chorus.

2: Trust Issues, Alana Springsteen- Reminiscing on our biggest heartbreaks isn’t supposed to be pretty, but Alana Springsteen sure makes it seem so on her brand new single Trust Issues. Fed up and heartbroken, Springsteen is left to pick up the pieces of her heartbroken and a little gift known as Trust Issues her ex so graciously decided to leave behind. Springsteen spends the chorus facetiously and ingeniously  thanking her ex for bludgeoning her heart and leaving her to navigate her new found Trust Issues. As always Springsteen’s vocal is impeccable conveying the emotion of every song in a way so few can.

1: Seeing Someone Else, Ingrid Andress- The height of vulnerability, Seeing Someone Else is one of the year’s top releases to date. On Seeing Someone Else, Andress feels love slipping away as the honeymoon phase has passed and she’s started to show some of the parts of herself she kept hidden for so long. Andress feels that she’s reverting into her old self and is scared that she’s no longer the girl he fell in love with. No matter how many times he tries to reassure her, Andress is never at ease and the bare bones nerves and vulnerability she displays on Seeing Someone Else is a true testament to an artist unafraid to get real with listeners. Andress embraces honesty over vapidity and listeners are rewarded with an incredible song.

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