6-Pack of Songs (February 7th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new songs from the past week!

6: I’m Gonna Let Her, Cole Swindell- A truly beautiful love song, I’m Gonna Let Her is some of Cole Swindell’s finest work to date. Throughout the song Swindell lets his girlfriend’s mind run wild with the possibility of forever together. While, in the past this proposition may lead to heartbreak, Swindell feels that he is now at a stage of life where he is ready for this commitment, and his girlfriend’s wandering mind is one that she won’t come to regret.

5: Indigo, Tiffany Johnson- The solo written, piano backed Indigo focuses in on the unknown, and the what ifs that often accompany heartbreak. Johnson’s supreme talent as a rising songwriter is on full display throughout this track, laced with confusion and mystery. Johnson’s soft, yet powerful vocal strikes a chord with listeners from around the genre spectrum, and sets Johnson up for a big year ahead.

4: Better Than Your Memory, Hayden Haddock- A perfect slice of traditional country, Better Than Your Memory is bound to bring a smile to fans of the genre’s classic sound. On top of it’s honky-tonkish backdrop, Better Than Your Memory is an incredibly well written song, exploring the often times dread inducing thought of running into your ex and realizing that she’s even better than when you were together. Haddock’s clear and convincing vocal combined with the traditional sound and relatable lyrics makes a Better Than Your Memory a true standout.

3: Trouble, Johnny Dailey- A classic bad boy gets good girl tale, Trouble is a reflective and relatable track rife with imagery from a small town high school love story. Trouble works almost as Taylor Swift’s Love Story told from the vantage point of the boy deemed not worthy. Dailey’s description of his former self as “trouble” and his girlfriend as “the queen of Alabama” paints a Romeo and Julietesque us against the world narrative which captivates listeners throughout the up-tempo track.

2: Hate This Hometown, Erin Kinsey- A two pronged love story, Hate This Hometown is a sweet and clever track that reflects on a high school love that his stood the test of time. Kinsey reminisces on the disdain she had for her hometown, and how she thought once she left she would never return. However, Kinsey’s mindset all changed once she met her boyfriend and the once painful memories of her hometown were replaced by ones that she’ll cherish forever. With Hate This Hometown Kinsey continues to set herself apart from the pack as one of the genre’s rising stars

1: Heavenly, Karley Scott Collins- Talk about a first impression! Karley Scott Collins’ debut single, Heavenly, is in a word sensational. Collins’ unique and extremely powerful voice draws listeners into this imagery laden love story. Collins reflects on her past failed loves. but at the end of the day she is extremely that pain she suffered through has led her to a love that makes her feel Heavenly. We simply cannot wait to see what Collins has in store next!

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