WoC Top 50 Songs of the Year (50-41)

It’s that time of year once again, where we count down our top 50 songs of the year that was. In order to be included in this list, songs must’ve been released this year or part of a project that was, as long as the song was not included in last year’s top 50.

50- If You Have To, Ella Langley- Kicking off our list is, If You Have To, by country riser ad WoC artist to watch, Ella Langley. If You Have To, provides a fresh perspective on the downfall of a relationship. The refrain, “Hate me if you have to”, is one the resonates with listeners and Langley’s vocal is top notch throughout this show-stopper.

49- The Knife or the Hatchet, Ryan Hurd- Sticking with our theme of break up songs, The Knife or the Hatchet, is one of the year’s finest. Worn down by the frustration of an on and off relationship, on The Knife or the Hatchet, Hurd wants to know firmly where he stands in this relationship and if there is any future the two of them share.

48- Try Missing You, Jon Langston- Try Missing You, is an age old tale of longing with a fresh twist. Langston understands how difficult it must be for his wife with him constantly on the road, however in Langston’s view this difficulty and longing is dwarfed by how much he misses her.

47- Good Ole Boy, Lauren Alaina- Few artists do clever quite the way Lauren Alaina does. Good Ole Boy is a great example of Alaina’s penchant for a fun word play and clever lyric. In the aftermath of a relationship, Alaina realizes that this supposed Good Ole Boy didn’t treat her that Good Ole Boy. The witty yet powerful lyric combined with Alaina’s trademark vocal make Good Ole Boy a true standout.

46- Homeless, Matt Gorman- “What would life be like if I lost you?” is the central question in Matt Gorman’s, Homeless. Gorman pontificates on how shattered he be should his relationship fail, and the comparison to homelessness, ripe with imagery is enough to make enough the most jaded amongst us feel something. The incredible writing coupled with Gorman’s gravely vocal land Homeless at #46 on our countdown.

45- Who Needs You?, Jordan Rowe (Feat. Ashland Craft)- Another breakup song! On Who Needs You, Rowe realizes he made a big mistake letting love slip away and can’t sleep as a result. Throughout the night Rowe thinks on what he lost and offers a dismissive Who Needs You?, before realizing he in fact needs her.

44- Stop Draggin’ Your Boots, Danielle Bradberry- “Are you in or are you out?”, is the theme of Stop Draggin’ Your Boots. Sick and tired of the games this guy is playing, Bradberry wants a definitive yes or no as to whether this relationship is going anywhere. The fun production and Bradberry’s timeless vocal make Stop Draggin’ Your Boots, of the year’s most intriguing listens.

43- Rather Be Broke, Jordan Fletcher- Rather Be Broke, was a true breakout moment for Jordan Fletcher. Debating the question of love vs money, Fletcher emphatically choses love over materialism. Fletcher notes that he’d rather be broke and pinching pennies as opposed to losing the love he’s got.

42- Never Really Over, Rachel Wiggins- Who doesn’t love a toxic relationship? Never Really Over is the classic tale of a relationship that despite how many times the comes back from the ground, no matter how many times it is bludgeoned to death. Wiggins understands that fall back into this relationship will hurt her in the end yet still can’t bring herself to stay away from it.

41- Never Til Now, Ashley Cooke- A love song rooted in realism and truth, Never Til Now, beautifully shares the story of a girl that never that love was meant for her, or at least Never Til Now. Finding the right person at the right time changed her perspective and her willingness to believe in love. The once jaded protagonist is now blissfully in love and can’t seem to figure out this happened in spite her best efforts to avoid love at all costs.

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