Andrea Vasquez Feels Love Slipping Away On “Used To”

Spending her childhood between Virginia and California, Andrea Vasquez always viewed Nashville as a “natural” home to chase down her musical ambitions. Armed with a musical style filled with “a lot of sass”, and drawing inspiration from “many different genres”, Vasquez is well on her way to leaving a lasting legacy in Nashville and far beyond.

Vasquez’s latest single “Used To” tells the all too relatable story of a relationship that is drawing to a close. Vasquez tells Worlds Of Country that the song was “inspired by a relationship and when you know that it’s coming to an end and try to hold onto what it used to be but it just doesn’t feel the same”. Lyrically, “Used To” is simply four minutes and 19 seconds of pure unadulterated heartbreak as Vasquez’s tender vocal shines throughout.

Vasquez’s tells Worlds Of Country about the “extreme pride” she takes in her Latin American heritage and how she hopes to blaze a trail for many to follow. While, Vasquez acknowledges a lack of industry representation as a challenge, instead of allowing to bring her down, Vasquez simply hopes to lead by example for the next generation of aspiring country stars.

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