Weekend Roundup August 1st

The Weekend Roundup is back after another incredible week of releases! We will have a separate review of Parker McCollum’s new album Gold Chain Cowboy forthcoming.

Take Me Home, Sarahbeth Taite- Sarabeth Taite is one of Nashville’s best storytellers, and “Take Me Home” is a great example of what sets her apart from so many others. On “Take Me Home”, Taite sets the scene of a girl sitting in a bar post breakup waiting by her phone for her ex to call and say he made a mistake. While, Taite is sitting and waiting, nursing her new heartbreak, she acknowledges that he is running out of time, while right now she is waiting for him, she won’t be forever.

Nothing Left, Halle Kearns- Stunning! Is the only way to properly describe this song. “Nothing Left” tells a story that hits far too real for those of us that give all of ourselves to others in fear of not being enough should we ever utter the word no. Once again, Kearns is able to shine with her incredibly relatable songwriting, and heartbreaking vocal that elevates this song to higher heights, making it one of this week’s must listens.

Stop Draggin’ Your Boots, Danielle Bradbery- Danielle Bradbery, is done with the exhaustion that accompanies on and off relationships. Bradbery knows she deserves better than what she’s been given , and delivers an ultimatum to “either love me or not” because if he doesn’t she’ll go find someone that appreciates and loves her as she deserves. Production wise this song is such a fun listen and one that is almost impossible not to toe tap along to.

It Was Me, Lauren Alaina- Lauren Alaina beautifully explores her journey to self love and acceptance on “It Was Me”. Alaina retells the story of a breakup in which she blamed the guy for wrecking what they had, when in reality she now acknowledges that she had her own issues to deal with before she could see that she had to find a way to love herself before she could ever truly love someone else. “It Was Me” reads as beautifully penned apology letter to her ex as well as Alaina reflecting on the progress she’s made on this journey. As always Aalina’s powerful and big vocal is tremendous throughout this song.

Coast, Ryan Hurd- Ryan Hurd wants to escape all of life’s worries on a beach somewhere. “Coast” is sure to be your new summer anthem. “Coast” is the perfect song for anyone looking for a new summer anthem. Hurd’s smooth vocal coupled with the beachy imagery is enough to make anyone want to drive to the nearest body of water.

Secret, Emily Brooke- Scared of it falling apart before it ever gets going, Emily Brooke doesn’t want to tell anyone about her new relationship. Brooke is tired of telling her friends about her new relationships only to have to go back and tell them that it fell apart. Brooke wants to make sure that this relationship is the real thing before letting the world in on her “secret”. Brooke’s trademark smooth vocal is present throughout this well written song making it a tremendously enjoyable listen.

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