Weekend Roundup July 25th

The Weekend Roundup is back after another incredible week of releases!

Memories, Jordan Rager- Jordan Rager lives up to his “Make Country Music Sad Again” mantra on memories. Throughout the song Rager is caught reminiscing about all the memories that he and his ex made together, and what these memories are making him do now. The super relatable chorus is one that will resonate with anyone that has ever had the urge to drunk call their ex, which is literally all of us.

If I Didn’t Love You, Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood- Keeping with the theme of sad songs, “If I Didn’t Love You” is my favorite Aldean song in years. The sadness that drips through both Aldean’s and Underwood’s voices is enough to draw in listeners from throughout the country music spectrum and beyond. Aldean and Underwood explain how much easier life would be if they didn’t love their ex and therefore wouldn’t have to live with the pain of them leaving.

Jack and Coke, Travis Denning- What’s that? Another sad song? You bet!! “Jack and Coke” is probably my favorite release of the week. Denning tells the classic love story of Jack and Jill and how this love blossomed until Jill left and Jack was holding onto this lost love. What makes this song so clever is the twist in which Denning explains that Jack is left holding onto Coke instead of Jill.

7/22, Taylor Edwards- Taylor Edwards ain’t a fan of her birthday! Throughout this super personal yet relatable song, Edwards explains that she used to spend all year looking forward to her birthday, but now it’s just another day, marking another year of unfulfilled goals. 7/22 is the definition of a true heartbreaker and a must listen!

Take Me Home, Lexie Hayden- Lexie Hayden isn’t looking for a one night stand on “Take Me Home”. Tired of guys that aren’t interested in a real relationship, Hayden is searching for a guy that isn’t just gonna take her home, but take her home to meet his family. Hayden’s struggle to find a true relationship is one that many of us have felt and that coupled with an incredible vocal is what makes this song cut so deep.

Night Left, Jake Hoot- If you’re looking for a new rocking country anthem, Jake Hoot’s got just what you’re looking for! “Night Left” combines the party rocking of “My Kinda Party” with Hoot’s powerful vocal to produce a boot stompin’ jam. Throughout the song Hoot simply wants to cut loose and let his wild side run throughout the weekend. Hoot’s only fear is the weekend coming to a close but he doesn’t want to focus on that, instead choosing to focus on the fact that “we got a whole lotta night left”.

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