Weekend Roundup July 19th

The Weekend Roundup is back after another incredible week of releases!

The Last Resort (EP), Midland- Midland continues to be one of the industry’s most unique and funky groups. This project ranges from the upbeat “Two To Two Step” to the utterly heartbreaking “And Then Some” which happens to be one of my favorite songs of the year. This project really works well and the diversity of topics covered makes it a very intriguing and enjoyable listen.

Toy Soldiers (Demo), Sarahbeth Taite- If anyone claims they didn’t get choked up listening to this song, they’d be a giant liar. “Toy Soldiers” is Taite’s ode to her brother serving in the military. Taite beautifully recalls how growing up her brother would play with toy soldiers and now “he ain’t playing toy soldiers anymore”, instead now he is out there really putting is life on the line. Lyrically this song encapsulates th feelings and fears that must permanently be running through the minds of military families.

Not Every Cowboy, Dustin Lynch- This Cowboy ain’t gonna run! “Not Every Cowboy” aims to dispel the popular narrative that all cowboys eventually leave. Throughout “Not Every Cowboy” Lynch explains his commitment to planting roots despite how atypical it may seem. This song is incredibly well written and the understated production is a nice touch that allows the powerful lyrics to take center stage.

First Goodbye (EP), Georgia Webster- Georgia Webster will be one of Country music’s next big stars. If there was any doubt beforehand there is none now. Featuring 5 songs, written by Webster alone,“Last Goodbye” showcases Webster’s immense talent both as a writer and vocalist. The 18 year old possess a musical maturity that sets her apart from her peers and a confidence reminiscent of a young Taylor Swift. My favorite moment on the project is the heartbreaking yet beautiful title track, which should be required listening for anyone going through their first heartbreak.

Young, Jonathan Hutecherson- No artist left a bigger impression this weekend than Jonathan Hutcherson. Hutcherson’s unique sound is one that captivates listeners and leaves them hooked on every word. Hutcherson’s debut single “Young” explores the idea of staying young forever. Despite whatever may be happening on the outside, as long as this couple is able to remain in their little bubble they will be able to stay in this blissful youth forever. Hutcherson doesn’t want the spark of this love to be dimmed by time and is looking for anyway to keep it burning bright.

Letters, Josh Melton- Josh Melton continues to impress. “Letters” is an incredibly beautiful love song that almost seems like a perfect follow up to Tyler Rich’s “Leave Her Wild”. On “Letters” Melton isn’t trying to change the girl he loves, instead he embraces every aspect of who she is and who she wants to be, before cleverly declaring that the only things about her he wants to change is the letters in her last name. Melton’s voice sounds great throughout this song that is sure to be played at many weddings in the future.

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