Weekend Roundup April 25th

The weekend roundup is back after another incredible week of incredible releases, especially from some of the industry’s brightest up and coming stars.

In It For The Money (EP), Jameson Rodgers- A project full of standout songwriting that is sure to assist Rodgers’ already speedy rise to the industry’s top. Some of my favorite moments on this EP are the title track in which Rodgers delivers an anthem sure to touch the hearts of anyone chasing a dream, and “When You Think Of Mississippi” in which Rodgers ponders whether he ever passes through his ex’s mind. However, for me the standout track is the EP closer, “Desert”.On “Desert”, Rodgers urges others to roll with the punches during life’s downswings. The combination of the clever writing and production on “Desert” makes it such an enjoyable and meaningful listen.

Horses In Heaven, Kylie Frey, Randy Houser- Kylie Frey is someone that has risen to the top of my radar over the past little while, and this beautiful tearjerker is a perfect example as to why. “Horses In Heaven: is Kylie’s tribute to her grandfather and throughout the song Kylie wonders what he’s up to in heaven, before beautifully concluding that he’s “riding horses in heaven”, much like he did on earth. The traditional production on this song works so well with the emotion behind Kylie’s voice, and “Horses In Heaven” is a true standout.

Tusk (EP), Michael Pace- What an incredible project! “Tusk” is definitely one of my favorite projects of the year. Featuring a variety of different sounds, Pace is able to find give listeners from all ends of the spectrum something to cling to on this project; whether that be the rowdier moments like, “See Through The Neon” or “Getting Here” or the more subdued and instrumental moments like “Even Elephants” or “Where Do Cowboys Go” While all 5 songs on this EP are great in their own right, I gravitate towards the softer sound and the sentiment behind “Even Elephants” and “Where Do Cowboys Go”. This is a project that I will have on heavy rotation for the foreseeable future.

Just In Case, Morgan Johnston- Three and a half minutes of pure heartbreak, “Just In Case” beautifully showcases Johnston as a premiere storyteller. Johnston recounts the story of finding items her ex left behind and her having trouble discarding them even if she knows that she should. Johnston holds on to these items “Just In Case” they decide to give their relationship another try. “Just In Case” is one of those special songs that almost everyone can nod along and say “I’ve done this too!”

Coulda Loved You Longer, Adam Doleac- A groovy love song! The pop-RnB production really works on this track. On “Coulda Loved You Longer”, Doleac laments the fact that he didn’t meet his girlfriend earlier, simply so they could have made more memories together. This song is simply beautiful and the longing vocal from Doleac takes it to the next level.

Drunk Too, Erin Kinsey- Erin Kinsey’s debut single is a hit! “Drunk Too” features Kinsey retelling the story of a drunk phone call from her ex in which he expresses that he loves her and Kinsey completely sober reciprocates his feelings. However, the next morning the ex calls back to apologize and say that he didn’t mean what he said. Now heartbroken Kinsey has the choice to either tell him how she really feels, or lie and say that she was “drunk too” in an effort to numb her pain. The memorable chorus and the heartbreaking vocal from Kinsey help this song soar to new heartbreaking heights. 

Born On A Windy Day, Anna Vaus- A song about the sometimes fickle nature of feelings, “Born On A Windy Day” is a song about wanting to be wanted but at the same time being a “tumbleweed” that will blow should thongs get too real. Vaus blames her tendency to run away on being “born in a windy day” and that she simply cannot just change her ways and nobody is to blame,The song has one of the most brilliant hooks I’ve heard in a long time, and Vaus’ storytelling is top notch. 

Shine On Me, Troy Carthwright- A song about waiting for your time, and just possessing the knowledge your chance will come, “Shine On Me” is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Throughout the song Carthwright details some of the trials he’s faced and yet here he is simply waiting for his time to shine. Cartwright is ready to dig in even when times are tough and put in the work to make his dream a reality.

Old Love New, Mackenzie Schriner- Reigniting the spark in a relationship is a timeless theme and one that runs throughout “Old Love New”. Schriner seeks to ease his girlfriend’s fear that there is a problem in their relationship by taking her back to how things were when they were first falling in love. Schriner wants her to remember just how much he loves her and just how crazy in love they still are.

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