Weekend Roundup April 11th

The weekend roundup is back after another tremendous week of new music especially from many of the Country Music’s rising stars!

Wish You Were The Whiskey, Priscilla Block- Priscilla Block has done it again with “Wish You Were The Whiskey” The song is centered around the idea of drinking your way through a breakup, however in this case instead of the whiskey helping you forget your ex, by the end of the night you’re left wishing that you were holding your ex instead of the whiskey.Block’s vocal is incredibly strong drives this extremely well written song.

Good Dogs, Jameson Rodgers- A strong candidate of tearjerker of the week, “Good Dogs” is a beautiful ode to the dogs that just don’t stick around forever. In the chorus Rodgers does an incredible comparing the lifespan of “Good Dogs” to other aspects of life that typically last longer. Rodgers’ trademark rasp is present throughout this track and takes this deeply emotional track to the next level.

First Beer, Lanco- Reminiscing about a first buzz and a young love, Lanco is able to beautifully take us all back to simpler times. Lanco is able to compare the crystal clear memory of this “First Beer” to all the other memories that have since faded and then the twist at the end of the chorus explains everything! Laced in nostalgia, “First Beer” is sure to be a crowd favorite as the catchy melody is a definite earworm.

I Get That With You, Josh Melton- One of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time, “I Get That With You” is a song about the calming and content nature of love. Melton expresses that he doesn’t need liquor to get him to his happy place, instead all he needs is this girl that makes him feel at ease no matter what is happening in the world outside.

I Go Back To You, Josh Kerr- A true heartbreaker about the inability to move on from your ex, “I Go Back To You” runs through the litany of feelings that we all encounter when attempting to move forward. This song is a true standout even in the long line of incredible songs that Kerr has been putting our. Once again Kerr is able to deliver a hyper relatable lyric with an incredible amount of sincerity, and from a production standpoint this is probably my favorite song of his to date.

Sitting On Empty, Jeb Gipson- A song about finding happiness in the most unexpected of situations, “Sitting On Empty” tells the story of a boy and a girl on a date. While on the date the boy’s truck runs out of gas because he was preoccupied with everything else and forgot to fill the tank before the date. Gipson and this girl however are able to find the beauty in this moment with Gipson admitting that if the truck wasn’t “sitting on empty” she probably never would’ve kissed him. This song is a lyrical standout filled with incredible imagery and one of my favorite hooks.

Can Down, Mike Ryan- Speaking of great hooks, “Can Down” is one of the cleverest one’s I’ve heard in a while. A clever play on the concept of man down, on “can Down” Ryan sings of drinking his way through a breakup and all the cans he’s put down while he;s dealt with this heartbreak. From a vocal standpoint, “Can Down” is such an intriguing listen as you can hear the longing and hurt in Ryan’s voice throughout the song.

Haven’t Met Yet, Megan Moroney- A love letter to her future someone, Megan Mroney shines throughout this beautiful track. Moroney goes through the details of what she wants in a husband and what she imagines their life together to be like. Moroney is someone that has definitely burst onto my radar with this song and her incredible debut single, “Wonder”

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