YouTube Sensation Jordana Bryant Is Ready To Tell Her Own Story

At just 15 years old, Pittsburgh native Jordana Bryant is already making waves throughout the country music world. What started as a teenager posting cover songs on Youtube has morphed into a phenomenon, as Bryant now seeks to grow as an artist and start sharing her own story. Bryant looks to use her youth and social media savvy to her advantage as she takes her next big leap.

Recently, we had the chance to chat with Jordana about her Youtube fame and what’s next for her.

Worlds Of Country: Who would you describe as your biggest musical influences?

Jordana:There are so many to choose from but, I’d have to say a few of the main ones would be Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Luke Combs and Maren Morris. They’ve always managed to create music that feels so authentic for their audience. Their ability to tell stories and make them relatable to fans of all ages is so inspiring to me. In fact, the storytelling aspect of country music was one of the reasons I gravitated towards the genre early on in my life.

Worlds Of Country: How old were you when you started posting covers to youtube?

Jordana:I was 14 when I started posting covers on YouTube and I’ve really loved being able to share my music on the platform. I love being able to connect with fans on Youtube and get their feedback on all of the different videos I’ve been sharing. 

Worlds Of Country: What was going through your mind when these videos started to take off?

Jordana:To be honest, I really couldn’t believe it, but I just feel so grateful for all of the support from everyone. I hope the videos bring a little bit of happiness and joy to each person that watches them. 

Worlds Of Country:What are some of the challenges associated with trying to break into the music industry so young?

Jordana:I’ve really loved getting to experience the music industry and become a part of it. Since I’m still in school, It can be a little challenging to manage my homework and still have time for writing, singing and connecting with fans. Even with those challenges, I’m so grateful to be able to release my music and being able to experience the whole process of writing and recording.

Worlds Of Country:Being so young do you feel that your expertise on platforms like youtube and other social media has allowed you to gain an advantage?

Jordana:Definitely! I think my generation grew up with a lot of these different platforms so utilizing them feels like second nature, and YouTube is a great example of that. 

Worlds Of Country: Do you consider yourself a writer first or an artist first?

Jordana:I think I consider myself a songwriter first mainly because I’ve always loved how country music tells such vivid stories. Ever since I was very little, I always loved music because of how it could inspire people and bring them together. Then about five years ago, I started writing, and I completely fell in love with it because of how I was able to control what message I put out into the world, and I felt that it was an awesome way to spread positivity. 

Worlds Of Country:What are the stories behind the original songs you’ve released, “This Love” and “Not Sayin’”?

Jordana:“This Love’ is all about the excitement at the beginning of a relationship. We all daydream about the joy of young love, so I think this song really captures that. “Not Sayin’” is actually a continuation of the story from “This Love.” It’s all about the nerves and excitement that come with telling someone you love them for the first time, but don’t want to be the one to say it first! 

Worlds Of Country:What’s next for you?

Jordana: In the next couple of months, I’m planning to release my third single, which will actually be connected to the first two songs that I have released. These three songs follow the evolution of a relationship, and with this third song I’m really excited to finish out the story and complete the “trilogy”! 

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