Weekend Roundup March 21st

The weekend roundup is back after another week filled with great releases from some of the industry’s biggest names and brightest up and coming stars.

Good Thing, Filmore-  Rooted in nostalgia, “Good Thing” features Filmore reminiscing on the almost maybes and the happy memories made along the way. Filmore ponders what life would be if they were still together because what they had was good. This song strikes a chord due to it’s relatable nature and Filmore’s vocal is on point throughout the track.

Trying Not To, Alana Springsteen, Roman Alexander- A song about the struggle of letting go of the past, “Trying Not To” is one that is filled with timeless relatability. The blend of the voices of Springsteen and Alexander is enough to draw listeners in and the story of this song is enough to keep them hooked to the last note. Springsteen and Alexander are two of the industry’s brightest young stars and we can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.

Let Me Go, Dariann Leigh- A song about breaking the chains of a toxic relationship, “Let Me Go” is a rocking anthem that showcases Leigh’s big vocal ability tremendously. Aside from the mesmerizing vocal, the song is incredibly well written and the story is captivating to keep listeners invested throughout.

Wife You Up, Trevor Martin- A stunning love song. “Wife You Up” is a true tear jerker. Featuring, vivid detail Martin is able to tell this story beautifully. Martin shows appreciation to this girl throughout the song mentioning all the times that she’s encouraged him to keep chugging along even when the road was rough. 

4 Goodyears, Brett Sheroky- Reminiscing on an old summer love, “4 Goodyears” is a song about finding beauty in the moments that have passed. Sheroky wishes he could go back to those days but is still content with all the memories they made together in the short period of time they spent together. Sheroky is someone that burst onto my radar with this incredible release.

Tightrope, Auburn McCormick- Probably the most intriguing story of the week, “Tightrope” features McCormick caught between staying in a relationship or calling it quits.The conflict in her heart is one that many feel and McCormick tells this relatable tale awfully well. McCormick’s vocal is tremendous on this song which does nothing but add to the intrigue felt while listening to this standout track.

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