Nich Wright Preps For First Nashville Release

For Georgia native, Nich Wright, a career in music has always been the dream. One a truck driver, Wright’s path to Nashville is one that was filled with many twists and turns before he finally decided he was ready to live his dream.

Recently, I had the chance to to chat with Nich about his upcoming single, “Let Our Love Slip”, and his musical journey.

Worlds Of Country: Who do you consider your biggest musical influences?

Nich: I grew up in a gospel group and they had me in the recording studio at 5 years old. Everyone from Charlie Daniels to Bill Gaither and a lot of Bluegrass like Ricky Skaggs. Later on, artists like Brad Paisley and Keith Urban really shaped me as well.

Worlds Of Country: Do you feel that you are able to combine all these influences in your music?

Nich: I do. I take a lot of pride in staying true to my roots and keep where I’m from a big part of my music. Country music has evolved so much over the past for years, and you want to keep up with the times and stay relevant but at the same time you want to keep those roots dug in as deep as you can.

Worlds Of Country: How do you balance relevance and staying true to your roots?

Nich: I don’t want to go too pop with it because that’s not who I am, and at the same time there are certain sounds of mine that are unique to me and I don’t want me to look at me and say “he says like so and so”, I want them to look at me and say “he sounds like Nich Wright”.

Worlds Of Country: When did you move to Nashville?

Nich: I moved up here in September, and have been trying to figure Nashville out. It’s a full time job just doing that.

Worlds Of Country: What would you say has been your biggest challenge since moving to Nashville?

Nich: There’s struggle but there isn’t. There’s 1000s of people here trying to do exactly the same thing as you but at the same time Nashville is a big city and a small town in one. So, when you get here if you don’t have a sense of entitlement and you stay humble and you stay true to yourself there are a lot of people here that will help you and help guide you through the city. So the struggle can be a lot less just because of your attitude. It’s not so bad when you got friends on your side.

Worlds Of Country: At what point did you know music was the path you wanted to take?

Nich: I always wanted to be but I was a very grounded person. I went to college and wound up being a truck driver. It was really when my ex-fiance left me that I sat down and thought maybe this is my chance to try this. So I went for and it started taking off and I realized I had to take the next step and come to Nashville. It’s crazy how things happen.

Worlds Of Country: What’s the story behind your upcoming single “Let Our Love Slip”

Nich: “Let Our Love Slip” is a song that is 100% true and personal. It’s about a guy and a girl that were madly in love. The song talks about the moon being a spotlight on old possum creek road, which is a road I used to live off of. It’s a song about a small town love that the guy just lets slip away, and how took chances on some things that he shouldn’t have. People always said the relationship was too good to be true and they all of a sudden he let it slip away. It’s about a love gone wrong but at the same time there is a focus on the good memories they had together.

Worlds Of Country: Is this a solo write?

Nich: Yes. It was one of those songs that just came to me. I was playing with my guitar late one night just doing these little riffs and then all of a sudden a song just comes to you. Anyone that does any kind of songwriting knows that your most creative moments are seemingly random, they just come to you.

Worlds Of Country: With this being your first Nashville release how was the process different from the music you’ve released before?

Nich: It was a learning curve. Everybody was amazing to work with. Everything was different and I’m glad that I had guidance from some very knowledgeable folks who were willing to show me the ropes, because I was a newbie. The crisp sound and just the quality of the product coming out was totally worth it.

Be sure to check out “Let Our Love Slip” when it comes out February 27th!

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