Weekend Roundup February 21st

The weekend roundup is back following another week of incredible releases including two of the best albums that I’ve ever heard in a really long time.

Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin, Lainey Wilson (LP)– An album filled with true, honest songwriting , Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ is an album that should put Lainey Wilson on the path to superstardom. Wilson has an ability to deliver these songs with an emotional ease that is rarely found. My favorite tracks on this record are the subdued, genuine title track along with the rowdy Straight Up Sideways.

29,Carly Pearce (EP)– An outstanding collection of songs filled with the deeply emotional lessons that Pearce has learned in her 29th trip around the sun, along with some that she is still trying to learn. There is not a single bad song on this EP and with 29, Pearce is able to deliver stories that are very personal in a way that is incredibly relatable.

Give It To Me Straight, Tenille Arts– On Give It To Me Straight, Tenille Arts is over the constant sugarcoating that accompanies a breakup. The scene is set in a bar and different types of alcohol are referenced throughout , each of which Arts would prefer as straight as her breakup. The wordplay throughout is genius and Arts’ ability to belt the chorus brings this song to another level.

Broken Ladder, Adam Hambrick– Adam Hambrick added two more songs to his Flipsides (EP), and Broken Ladder is one that really sticks out. Hambrick speaks about his actions following a breakup and all of things that he’s doing that he knows won’t ultimately win her back. Featuring a rocking chorus and Hambricks’s trademark raspy voice, Broken Ladder is such an interesting listen.

I Know A Girl, MaRynn Taylor– A song about a hometown girl being overlooked by a boy who has sights set out of town, I Know A Girl is a song full of brilliant, relatable lyrics that really shines even on this week with so many great releases. Taylor’s big voice shines on the chorus in particular and the instrumentation throughout is on point.

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