Weekend Roundup February 7th

The weekend roundup returns after my favorite weekend of releases so far this year. A weekend that saw more incredible music from some of today’s biggest stars and plenty of eye opening releases from artists on the rise.

Should’ve Know Better, Carly Pearce– Carly Pearce’s star just keeps on growing. Should’ve Known Better is three plus minutes of pure heartbreaking goodness. Pearce laments her marriage falling apart in a sensitive yet extremely powerful way throughout the song.

Far Boy, Leah Mason– This tiktok sensation did not disappoint. Far Boy is an incredibly well written, slow burning heartbreaker. The song is set around an ex looking at her boyfriend’s new relationship and taking solace in the fact that his new relationship won’t get too far, if he treats the new girl how he treated her.

Near Mrs., LANCO– A fun but serious return from LANCO, Near Mrs. is song rooted in being thankful for past heartbreaks that led you to your person. The song features great word play and a fun production style that makes it such a fun listen.

Six Strings (EP), Alex Hall– A six pack of songs filled with incredible, deep songwriting and vocals that drive the theme of each wonderfully crafted track. A project focused around the sound of guitars and featuring six wonderful duets, Six Strings is one of my favorite projects released so far this year. My two favorite songs on the project are the heartbreaking yet heartwarming, Runs In The Family feat. Kassi Ashton, along with the relatable Heart Shut feat. Tenille Townes.

Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones, Eric Church– Is there a story that Eric Church cannot tell incredibly well? The incredible detail throughout this deep, biographical track is sure to leave many listeners in tears. The simplicity of the production throughout does nothing but add to the emotion of this must listen track.

Even Elephants, Michael Pace– Sticking with the theme of deeply emotional songs, Even Elephants is an absolute stunner of a song about the unbreakable bond of family. On Even Elephants, Pace is able to explain beautifully this almost inexplicable, incredible bond that we feel family no matter what, and that the bond is unwavering no matter how tough things get or how much things change.

Glad You Exist, Dan and Shay– Another beautiful love song from Dan and Shay, Glad You Exist is a song about two people choosing each other each and every day despite what is going around them. These two people have seen it all together and wouldn’t want to see any of it with anyone else. As always the vocals are absolutely outstanding.

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