Weekend Roundup January 31th

The weekend roundup is back after another week of incredible releases from some of Nashville’s biggest stars and statements from some of the industry’s brightest up and comers.

This Side Of A Dust Cloud/ Bandaid On A Bullet Hole, Morgan Wallen– Apparently releasing 30 songs was not enough for Morgan Wallen, as on Friday he released two brand new spectacular songs. If I had to pick a favorite of there two I’d go with Bandaid On A Bullet Hole as the raw, visceral emotion behind it hits me deep inside. Both songs are incredibly well written and Wallen’s vocals are outstanding as usual.

Heart On Fire, Eric Church– Boasting the classic “Chief” sound, Heart On Fire is a fun, upbeat track about falling into love, or at least lust far too quickly, and the almost proud reminiscing that comes with age. The sound of the track mixed with Church’s classic vocal combine to make this a special song.

Glad To Be Here, Hailey Whitters feat. Brent Cobb– Hailey Whitters continues to simply amaze me. The talent that Whitters displays as a storyteller is unmatched in the industry. Whitters’ trademark storytelling and general attitude of thankfulness are highlighted throughout this song even though she did not write it.

Little Bit Of You/ Along Those Lines, Southerland– These two songs really put Southerland on my radar. The vocal and harmonic talent displayed on these songs was really eye opening. The storytelling and the beautiful imagery of Along Those Lines is a true standout in a sea of standouts this week.

Message In A Bottle, Lakeview– A true heartbreaker filled with references to the pain many feel post breakup, Message In A Bottle features the trademark gravely sound Lakeview has quickly become known for. The writing on this one is top notch and you can hear the pain in the vocal that brings this song to the next level.

Come Here To Talk, Kelsey Lamb Come Here To Talk provides a beautiful explanation of post breakup loneliness and the need for a familiar face that many feel. However, what differentiates this song from the common “let’s get back together” song, is the fact that Lamb has no intention of working out their differences, instead she just needs an escape from her loneliness and the sight of a safe, familiar face.

Who You Really Are, Mick n Phil feat Lori– Another heartbreaker, Who You Really Are is a song about the stage of a relationship where you aren’t together, yet you can’t seem to let go of what you have. For the other person in this relationship the constant walking of a tightrope is exhausting, and this song does a tremendous job staying in this moment and delivering a memorable and emotional stunner.

You can also read my recent interview with Mick n Phil here! https://atomic-temporary-174298086.wpcomstaging.com/2021/01/27/mick-n-phil-prep-for-single-release-an-interview/

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