Mick N Phil Prep For Single Release: An Interview

For twin brothers Mick and Phil Muir a life in music has always been in cards. Influenced, by both alternative rock acts and more country sensations Dan and Shay and Morgan Wallen, Mick N Phil strive to put out unique”, heartfelt” music as they work to gain traction overseas.

While, in some ways the lack of being able to play live shows has hindered their ability to connect with an grow their fan base, the twins tell me that it has allowed them to get back to their “roots” and rediscover the love of songwriting that led them to pursue music in the first place The twins also tell me that social media has helped them connect with their fans and reach audiences across borders.

The brothers can’t wait to play shows but in the meantime they are set to release song 1 of a brand new 12 song album, this Friday. The song, titled “Who You Really Are” the brothers tell me is a little different from a lot of what they’ve put out in the past. The song also marks their first collaboration as Lori is listed as a feature on the song. As far, as the rest of their album, the brothers tell me that the plans is to release 1 song a month for a year, and at the end they’ll have a full length record. They explained this decision as a way for the album not to get lost in these times, as many have. The one song a month strategy is also one that allows each song to breathe a little and be appreciated on it’s own they explained.

We look forward to hearing “Who You Really Are” and the rest of this album as it becomes available.

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